Traffickfree - Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution
S.O.A.P. (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution)
For only $199 a sponsor can help S.O.A.P. distribute 1,000 bars of soap to save girls from sex trafficking. Go to our Donate button for more informationOn her worst night, being 
auctioned off to nearly two dozen men in a dingy, dirty, inner city Detroit motel, Ms. Flores recalled the only item that would have reached out to her, a bar of soap to clean up. 
With that in mind, she created S.O.A.P.-Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution.
S.O.A.P. has partnered with the non-profit, Be FREE Dayton to distribute thousands of bars of soap wrapped with a red band that gives the National Human Trafficking Hotline number (888.3737.888) and key identifying questions to high-risk motels.
Volunteers offer the soap free of charge to motel owners and managers and in turn provide them with a quick overview of what is happening to young girls in their motels. S.O.A.P. events are scheduled for high-demand events like the Super Bowl, NCAA Final Four, Indy 500 and soon The World Cup in Brazil.
S.O.A.P. is Trademarked and a complete program available through Be FREE.
State or Regional Be FREE/S.O.A.P. Coordinators Wanted:
Would you like to help coordinate all the S.O.A.P. requests and outreaches in your state? Are you interested in spreading awareness on this issue and help educate people? Then we need you!
Contact us about how you can volunteer by helping us rescue missing children all around the United States.
community today. Help save the lives of young, innocent girls forced into sex trafficking
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